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How do I become a coach?

Joining Metafit or MetaPWR is a two-step process, first, you need to take a course. This is a one-off fee and discounts are sometimes available for booking early - see the course dates page for courses in your local area (All course payments are non-refundable within 14 days of a scheduled date). (Metafit only) Secondly, you will need to subscribe to the Subscribe page - this is a monthly fee and prices vary from country to country.

Can I advertise through your site?

When you start subscribing you will have the option to be added to the Find A Coach page on the Metafit site. This will allow customers to find you by searching by postcode.

How many workouts will I receive?

New Metafit coaches start with 4 starter tracks. We produce new tracks monthly and a new track will be added to your account on the 15th of each month that you pay your subscription fee.

New MetaPWR coaches get 2 free tracks included in their course payment.

I have a corporate subscription, how do I access my workouts?

You should register an account on the Metafit site - once you have done this, ask the person who set up the group subscription to add your email address to their account through the account centre.

Can I buy tracks that I don't currently have?

Yes, visit the music store to purchase additional tracks

Can I buy Metafit clothing?

Yes, visit the clothing store to purchase clothing

Will I gain CECs (Continual Education Credits/Units) from the Metafit/ MetaPWR course?

Yes, you will gain the following CECs after successfully completing the Metafit qualification - 5 CECs with Aus Reps (7CECs for MetaPWR), 10 REP NZ PDPs, 0.6 ACE CECs, 0.6 NASM CEUs, 6 AFAA credits, 4 REP UK PDPs

Will the Metafit courses increase my FITREC professional rating?

Your Metafit qualification is rated a LEVEL B learning opportunity with FITREC, so yes, it will increase your FITREC rating when added to your profile. We encourage you to include a review of your experience so that other professionals can appreciate the value of this opportunity.