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MetaPWR is a unique 30-minute metabolic resistance workout from Metafit™.

Metabolic resistance training is one of the best, most intense strategies for building muscle, burning fat, and improving fitness. Take your conditioning workouts to another level with MetaPWR!

  • 1-day certification. You'll learn metabolic resistance science, equipment techniques, program design and how to use in your business.
  • Free workouts. Workouts come with unique commands, countdowns and backing music, plus special 'Power Play' features. After the course, you'll receive two freebies to get started.
  • No subscription or licence fees! Use MetaPWR workouts on the class timetable, Bootcamp or PT circuit. Simply purchase the workouts that suit you and your business.
  • Little equipment. You'll need kettlebells, power bags/ sandbags, battle rope, wall/ slam balls and cones. All workouts are suitable for 1 - 30 + clients. 
  • Low cost, high returns! A proven training system used by 1000's of coaches worldwide. Save time planning, boost clientele and increase profit. 
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Early Bird Special - Limited Time Only!

What's involved on the 1-day MetaPWR course?

  • Masterclass. Be prepared to work hard! 
  • Metabolic resistance principles, energy systems & latest research.
  • Teaching MetaPWR.
  • Equipment techniques - kettlebells, power bags, battle ropes, slam balls. 
  • Program design.
  • Practical assessment.
  • Marketing & Media.
  • 2 Free workouts.
  • Fitness Australia 7 CEC's/NZ REPS 7.5 CPD's

Course Fee - $389

Once certified, you'll receive two free workouts and access to monthly workouts, marketing, video library.

Limited Space Available!

Book now and add MetaPWR to your timetable classes, studio or PT sessions.

"Absolutely loved the content! Great teaching, great class. Just 100% in everything.'' Anite Clarry, Personal Trainer, QLD, Australia.

"Amazing course and class to offer!! Within a week I had an extra 15 clients and being a mum of two this now means I can train and train others without sacrificing my time with my babes" Lel Jeffery, NSW, Australia

'Fantastic course! Absolutely loved it and can't wait to introduce Metapwr to my clients. They will be blown away." Helen Dix, SA, Australia.

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