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it's tough
that's why it works

Too advanced? Too difficult? Nope, it's tough but everybody can do it!

Let’s clear up some misconceptions about the Metafit style of HIIT Training.

1. Too hard

While Metafit is designed to be a tough workout, it can never be “too hard” for a person, as the exercises can be modified to be made easier or more challenging depending on what a client is capable and willing to do. 

Metafit workouts are short and geared to max out your individual effort (ideally 90%+ max heart rate). Just because one person’s maximum might be lower or higher than another’s doesn’t mean they can’t both partake in the same Metafit session. In fact, seeing other Metafitters perform at a higher level, can really inspire you to take your own workout to the next level as well.

Much like other workouts, Metafit exercises take a little while to perfect, but with Metafit shorter workouts and faster results, it’s easy to keep going back to class on a regular basis. A quick Metafit workout can do more for your body than an hour long regular session.


2. I don’t have to be in shape before I start taking these classes. 

Metafit classes allow each person to work at their own max intensity and will definitely be a challenge for everyone from the newest exerciser to a seasoned veteran. The class atmosphere, including our certified instructors and other participants, will give you the inspiration and accountability to push through the workout and challenge yourself. Unlike many workouts, Metafit isn’t a routine that you can plateau or become complacent with, Metafit workouts are constantly pushing you to get better.


3. If I work out longer with less intensity, I’ll burn just as much fat.

There’s no magic secret to working out. Simply put, hard work earns you results. Scientifically speaking, the most fat you’ll burn in a workout is during resting periods and immediately following your workout. By pushing yourself to your limits during a more intense workout, you’ll drastically increase the amount of fat burned in the hours after your class. Of course, the Metafit itself isn’t the only important part to losing fat, additional strength training and a healthy diet is also necessary to burn the most fat.


4. You have to be young in order to do Metafit.

There’s no age limit on working out. Studies have shown that it’s never too late to start working out, and exercise becomes even more important as you get older. With a little hard work and the right mindset, you can feel healthier than you ever have at any age, and the newfound dedication to exercising will also improve your mental awareness while it motivates you to continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. Metafit really is suitable for anyone.


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