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Are you at least Cert 3 in fitness, GEL, PT or group exercise trainer? If yes you can deliver our Metafit HIIT workouts that fire up the metabolism, work muscle and ultimately burn fat. Boost your income and client retention immediately with Metafit!

We are not a Home workout and our class is not available on DVD. This is an instructor-led class only! No equipment, no choreography and little space needed for a workout that gets amazing results in 30 minutes. Class, group or One to One. To change their shape you must first change their metabolism. Metafit works!

Each month you receive a new track, with all commands, work/rest intervals uploaded with an easy to use download track. SIMPLE!

1 Day Metafit course

  • Mobilisation, Activation and dynamic warm ups
  • What really is HIIT training?
  • Metabolic effects and fat burning. Busting the myths/ active recovery, not core.
  • Bodyweight training progressions/regressions
  • Teaching the Metafit 30 minute HIIT workout.
  • Media/Monthly track Downloads/Marketing
  • Fitness Australia 6 CEC's/ NZ REPS 10 CPD's

Once you're certified sign up for Monthly Music Downloads, Workout Videos and more for $17.95 per month

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