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When thinking about doing exercise, most of us have a short-term goal in mind. Being fit for summer, for the upcoming wedding, and shredding a few extra pounds in order to achieve our aesthetic goals are among the top reasons most people embark on a fitness journey.

Along the way, a lot of people either fall out from heir exercise routine, or they don’t create a habit out of exercising in the first place. 

Good News Travels Fast

HIIT has exploded so quickly in recent years, that it was a matter of time before your GP started to advise you to ditch your boring cardio and do HIIT instead! Metafit is a type of HIIT but what exactly is it? Well, as mentioned Metafit is a body-weight, high-intensity interval training workout that’s performed by working out with close to your maximum capacity for 20-45 seconds, which is followed by a low-intensity period of work which lasts anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds. The latter is also known as the recovery period. Generally, it should last as long as your body needs to actually recover and collect the energy to work on full-power the next 45 seconds to come. 

You might think that Metafit isn’t exactly for you – maybe you have a cardio routine that you really enjoy, or an activity you’re not willing to sacrifice for some boring workout. Well, the good news that Metafit is adaptable for everyone! That’s the beauty of it – it’s versatile and anyone can do it.

If done properly (this is why we have certified coaches teaching our workouts - to ensure you do it right), Metafit is safe for any age group, and it really works as an anti-ageing magic potion! By doing high-low intervals of exercise, you’re increasing the capacity of your lungs and your heart, which has proven to be the secret to longevity and a happy and healthy life.

Not Scary At All

People are sometimes hesitant to try Metafit because they’re afraid it’s... well, too intense for them. The truth is, you don’t have to be at a level of your coach. The point is to challenge your body, not to compete with someone that’s been fit throughout their life! If you think about it, Metafit and HIIT workouts come naturally to humans. That’s usually the way we used to hunt to survive: have a burst of energy that combines cardio and strength, then walk for a couple of miles to bring your prey home.

Listen to your body and Metafit coach. We suggest that doing 1 to 2 really intense Metafit workouts per week and doing some strength workouts the rest of the week can improve your health immensely!

Short-Term Pain For Long-Term Gain 

Studies have shown that doing HIIT is not only beneficial for your heart and lungs, but it could help you deal with everyday stress more efficiently. It makes perfect sense – causing a mild physical stress to the body will teach it to respond to stress in every other situation.

Because of the strengthened lungs and heart, Metafit can increase your brain function as well. And if you want to increase your strength and burn fat with Metafit, remember to incorporate some strength training on non Metafit/ HIIT daysl!

All in all, Metafit is an ideal exercise for all: it’s short, adjustable, healthy for the body and mind and last, but not least – it’s fun! Try it, we guarantee you won’t regret it!

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