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Another day, another new bit of research touting the incredible benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Results of a recent study found that HIIT – which involves short bursts of intense anaerobic exercise followed by a brief low-intensity recovery period – may be more effective for reducing occurrences of migraines, compared to moderate continuous training (MCT) like jogging, cycling or swimming.

Although some sufferers say that exercise can trigger their migraines, studies suggest that aerobic exercise is a beneficial complementary treatment option, and researchers were keen to find out what level of training might be most helpful in reducing their frequency.

In the study, 45 participants who suffered the neurological disorder were assigned to either HIIT, MCT or a control group. Those doing HIIT and MCT trained twice a week over a three month period, after which they underwent a cerebrovascular health assessment. They were also tasked with recording how many days they suffered a migraine within this time frame.

Overall they observed moderate migraine day reductions, but with 89% likely to benefit from doing HIIT compared to MCT. Further, those partaking in the former were found to have improved cerebrovascular health, a factor that's important in combating migraines.

So if you're suffering from constant and crippling migraines, incorporating sweat-inducing, breath-taking exercise sessions into your routine could be helpful. 

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