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Check out Kirri's view after completing the MetaPRO training system. 

“Another amazing progression course under my belt, another awesome qualification and another unreal training day with a bunch of like minded fit individuals.

Today I undertook the MetaPRO training program. A full day of gruelling training and cutting-edge, scientific-based, (leader in the HIIT SPACE) theory. MetaPRO is the grandfather of all things ‘Meta’ and it has 3 fundamental spaces you can work within - PRO12, PROSAQ and PROPT.

Unlike most training days that include one masterclass, this one by far took it up a notch delivering three hardcore, intense and UNREAL masterclasses. Each just as awesome as the other, covering off on all three formats of the training system.

PRO12 master class was hectic, we were told to GO at 100% from the start - and let me tell you, by the end of round 1 I was gasping for air! The last set of skaters were barely a sideways crawl. I cannot wait to bring this on to my timetable.

PROPT was a time-based rep test, that made me push harder and harder each round, with loads of rest in between that was well and truly needed. This bad boy is going to make appearances in my PT, small groups and with all of my Fit college students.

PROSAQ was, oh my lord, I don’t know quite how to describe it. It was 100% my favourite, I LOVED IT, however by this point my muscles where well and truly cooked, so I’m REALLY looking forward to giving this a go later on in the week. SAQ will be appearing in my winter warrior program, as well as my OBB Programs and a definitely at my Raw Challenge Tasmania bootcamps.

The day was all in all FANTASTIC, with a huge Cudos to our trainer Chris, and the main man Daniel for always bringing the goods! MetaPRO is by far the BEST feather I have in my PT hat, and I’m stoked to be telling you all that yours truly will be running the very next course (so if you want to get qualified to tell Daniel and we can schedule a course on at the HQ)

Thanks so much to the girls that nailed the day with me, and I can’t wait to upload all the footage (that’s on the iPad in my office). I’m off for an epsom salt bath and a glass of red grape juice." 

Kirri Brazendale, Hobart, Australia. Studio owner and PT educator. 

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