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it's tough
that's why it works

It's the start of the second round and I know what you're thinking (we've all been there)! 'Why do I put myself through this week in week out?'

Well, here are 6 reasons why it's all worth it. Remember, Metafit is tough BUT that's why it works!

Metafit is a super efficient workout which means you can spend less time training each week while still cashing in on all the fat burning, metabolism boosting, and heart-pounding benefits. If you're still not convinced that Metafit is worth a try, read on for even more of its advantages.....

When you turn up the intensity on your workout, as Metafit does, you're making your heart work harder, and since this muscle (like most) becomes stronger after putting it through tough training, this workout is very beneficial for your heart health.

3. 2 FOR 1 
You might not think that it's possible to squeeze strength training session and a fat burning cardio workout into a quick routine, but you would be wrong. With Metafit you're pushing yourself as hard as you can go to accomplish as many reps as possible. That butt busting earns you cardiovascular benefits. Metafit incorporates strength training exercises into our intervals (as well as cardio moves), so you also reap muscle strengthening benefits.

Metafit exercises can be tweaked to suit your fitness level whilst still maintaining the intensity for an effective HIIT workout. You'll be amazed how quickly you progress and get fitter.

When you do steady-state exercise, like going on a long run, your body uses less oxygen than when you push yourself to the max, as you do during Metafit. And when you work out to the point where it's difficult to breathe (because your body is using more oxygen), your metabolism starts working at a higher level, which helps you burn more calories during your workout and after you exercise, this effect known as the "afterburn."

When your workout goes back and forth between high and low-intensity activities like Metafit, it improves your anaerobic and aerobic fitness, which helps you burn more fat in less time than longer endurance training.

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