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Are you sick of spending half the season on the sidelines through injury? Yep, me too!

However, here are two tips I implemented that finally kept me fit for the full season and believe it or not I found some form too! Believe it or not, they are simple and very easy to access. If you can relate, then this article is for you. read on!

Watching from the sidelines is depressing, hard to feel part of the team and whether you play pro, semi-pro or just for fun, being injured sucks! But it’s important to consider professional athletes, the best of the best and learn from them. What they do, with the help of professionals is they prime their body for the task at hand.

So, you are probably making 1 of 2 mistakes, either you are self-priming your body or not preparing your body for battle at all. Either way, an injury is destined to come right at ya!

Two tips that will get your INJURY FREE ALL SEASON

  1. Pre-Hab

Get a good pre-season behind you and consult with one of our certified Metafit coaches. Don’t rely on your own prescription of exercise as you are likely doing yourself a disservice. Implement a structured conditioning program combining HIIT, SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) and strength training alongside your skill sessions. Optimise your conditioning and improve your overall performance with smart, highly effective training. 

  1. Maintenance

Don’t flog yourself during the year, especially if you have had a good pre-season reviewing your program and progressing your exercises every 4 weeks with the assistance of your professional coach. You have naturally increased your load with correct training twice a week and a game on the weekend, so you just need to maintain your function and review your program every 4 weeks to progress or regress your exercise depending on how your body is pulling it. Treat it like a body tune-up or service. You only have to watch the NBA and with their crazy schedule, they simply maintain their function and fitness in a controlled environment like a gym and then they practice their skills with low impact on the court. You are no different, be like Mike!!

If you are sick of the physio and missing half the season due to injury, then PREVENT IT by seeing a qualified professional and programming your body to be fit for purpose to sustain the physical demands specific to your sport - Metafit, MetaPWR and MetaPRO are perfect compliments to your skill sessions. 

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