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it's tough
that's why it works

MetaPWR is a NEW metabolic resistance circuit from Metafit™

Sticking to Metafit's fundamental training principles, we have created a power circuit class using specialised kit and exercises to work muscle and boost metabolism. The perfect training tool for fitness instructors, coaches and trainers to use as a studio class, outdoor workout or PT group session.

how does it work

A simple 1-day certification course to qualify to deliver metaPWR workouts for Certificate 3 and above instructors/trainers.

All tracks uploaded with our unique metafit commands, countdowns and backing music, plus special 'Power Play' features in each workout, think metafit with the addition and focus on load!!

Easy to use downloads, free media pack, circuit cards and exercise video library.

how much is it

'Early Bird' course fee available - only $349. Check the events page for more information.

No subscription! MetaPWR is a pay as you go workout. Scroll the video library and choose the workout that suits you and the kit you have and checkout with the track you need.

No expensive licence fees for coaches or gyms, use the PPCA/ APRA licence free workouts on the class timetable, as a bootcamp session or as a private PT circuit.

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